A More Applied Clean

You don’t need us to tell you that cleaning is vital. Just the idea of leaving muck to build is enough to give most of us uncomfortable. As such, you probably dedicate at least one day a week to this task. 

In our general weekly effort to spruce up, though, many of us fail to address cleaning on certain things, namely our appliances. In reality, not including these in your regular cleaning schedule isn’t the end of the world. But, developing a separate schedule for appliances is vital if you want to keep on top. 

The fact is that failing to clean your appliances when you should is as much bad news for your health as those dirty sides. Not to mention that unclean appliances are more liable to mishaps. While there are reliable appliance repair companies in case of emergencies, the inconvenience of being without is best avoided. The question is, how exactly can you keep on top of appliance repairs at last?

Your oven

A great deal of us are guilty of neglecting to clean our ovens. We have it in our heads that this is a labor-intensive job we’d do better to avoid. In reality, though, cleaning here is only difficult when we get around to it because we tend to neglect the task for so long. That’s quite worrying when you consider that you cook your food here! In the case of fan ovens especially, all that bacteria is sure to get where you don’t want it. To avoid that nasty eventuality, get into the habit of cleaning your oven with the change of the seasons. When you keep on top like this, you should find that something as simple as a baking soda and vinegar mix can get things sparkling again in no time. 

Your fridge

In some ways, an unclean fridge is even worse for health than a dirty oven. This is where you store your food, after all, and bacteria have more than just the half-hour cooking time to get their teeth in. That’s why, to some extent, fridge cleaning should be an ongoing effort. Cleaning up spills as they happen is vital, as is checking dates at least once a week. You should also make an effort to empty your fridge and wipe everything down at least once every three months. 

Your washer

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It might not be food-related, but it’s also vital to clean your washer. In truth, this is a breeding ground for all manner of nasty bacteria. Worse, a dirty washer is never going to get your clothes clean. We’ve all smelled that foul stale water stench on a supposedly clean wash, haven’t we? Make sure it doesn’t happen again by cleaning your washer once a month. Some machines have a specific cleaning setting, while a hot wash will do for others. Add a quart of bleach into the drawer, and then leave it to do its cleaning magic for a longer-lasting washer and a fresh smell at all times. 

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