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A 2-Minute Reference Guide For Fathers Seeking Custody Of Their Kids

According to a recent report, only 17.5% of custodial parents are fathers. Yes, you read that right.

Although the law doesn’t discriminate against fathers, the process of seeking full custody of children can be a bit challenging for fathers.

But it is not impossible.

You should know that the law will always keep your children’s best interest in mind while awarding their full custody.

Thus, if you are a father who has applied for full custody of your kids after the divorce, you need to prepare yourself for the negotiations ahead.

With proper planning and strengthening of your case, you can reach the results you are longing for.

That’s why here we have prepared a 2-minute reference guide for all the fathers out there who are seeking full custody of their kids after divorce. Read on and learn what can help you with your case.

  • Get a legal advice

Before filing a case, your best bet would be to take legal advice from professionals who are well-versed with family law.

The legal team will give a run-through of the entire procedure and what you’ll be dealing with after filing the case.

Not to mention, a family lawyer will also help you realize what exactly it would be like to be a single parent. For instance, you will be legally held responsible for every aspect of your kid’s life.

And the best part of having an experienced legal professional by your side will help you get through the process seamlessly.

  • Step up your Dad game

A parent that’s more involved in their children’s lives and takes care of their basic, emotional, financial, and practical needs have a higher chance of winning a custodial case.

This means that the court will actually analyze your connection with your children and would seek evidence of a meaningful relationship.

Thus, you need to figure out where you stand in your children’s lives even before filing your case.

For instance, do you know all about what’s going on in your children’s life? Are you aware of their academic progress? Do you spend quality time with them?

And most importantly, do your kids love being around you?

  • Keep up with your children’s support payments

Before granting full custody of your children, the court would want to know if you have a good track record with child support payments.

This will ensure that you are financially sound to support your kids as a single parent. For this, it would be best to hold on to the receipts and other documentation that shows your consistency and track record with the payments.

Tip: If in case you are struggling with making all the payments, then it would be best to take a step back or change your course to joint custody. This is because even if you win the case, you won’t have adequate means to raise your kids perfectly.

The verdict,

Filing for full custody of your kids after a divorce can be full of hurdles, especially for the fathers. Fortunately, you now have some tips to strengthen your case and elevate your chances of getting the desired results.

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