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6 Blogging Tools I Love

Ever since I have started blogging I have taken a liking to a few products and refuse to use anything different.   I’m a firm believer on “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.    Here are a few items I use daily, that I couldn’t live without. 


Don’t ever ask me to use your fancy schmancy pen to write anything.  Don’t expect me to have anything but these Bic Crystal pens in my pen jar, on my desk.  It’s not happening.   “Well, what if you’re out and need a pen?” It’s okay, I have seven of these puppies in my purse… In case the first 6 don’t work.   Precautions of not wanting to use other pens.  They write smooth, the size is perfect,  they’re old and they work!  


Another thing you shouldn’t expect from me – to pay more than $0.15 for a notebook.   I go through notebooks like crazy, because I’m always taking down notes, writing ideas and drafts.  There is always a minimum of 2 notebooks near me at all times.  I like to stock up on back to school sales to get me through to next year.  I currently have 20 stashed away for the year and I need to go back for more.   It’s that serious.   I refuse to pay outrageous costs for paper.  refuse.  


I would seriously fall apart, limb for limb,  and melt in a pool of tears if I lost my Orange Circle Studios Do It All Planner.   It’s how I schedule my posts, write ideas, appointments, and everything else that my brain can never remember.   Sure, I’d be open to trying others, but I just know I’ll never be as happy as I am with the Orange Circle one.  


My favorite picture editing website of all time.  I was a fan of PicMonkey before PicMonkey was even called PicMonkey.  Does anyone remember that? 

It’s easy to use, has amazingly awesome free content, and even better-paid content.  The fonts are beautiful and you can customize it all!  It’s a great editing site that doesn’t require 4 years of university to understand.  

*cough* Photoshop *cough*

It’s great for creating featured images, fixing resolutions, and just throwing a good ol’ sticker over the nip-slip.   


Grammarly is a submission from Melissa.  She said that it’s a great tool for spell checks and word confusions.  I just downloaded it, and it’s telling me that I have 6 critical errors in my post…  how bossy.    
Ok, I fixed them.  You now have a clearly written article up to this point.  You’re welcome.  

23377-freepikcom-website-icon-vector-icon-vector-epsFreepik.com is a great website for free vectors and photos.  We use it for photos on the blog, and our Facebook page.  Royalty free images are definitely a must-have for a blogger.  

Do you have a favorite tool you use,  or would you like to suggest something to me?  Comment below! 

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  1. Oh wow, thank you for the ideas. I never heard of FreePik and will be checking it out. I too loathe paying for paper, I go through way too much. I find myself even using the backs of photocopies to jot stuff down. What’s I’d like to know is how you pay $0.15 for a notebook. I’m paying $1 at the “Dollar Store”.

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