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4 Tips For Becoming a Family of Eco-Warriors

There are plenty of benefits to living in the modern world — but these benefits have come at a cost. The earth isn’t in as good of shape as it used to be (and should be), and, like it or not, it’s our collective fault. But let’s not cry over what has been; let’s think about what we can do. While we need to pressure our governments to tackle climate change head-on, there are things we can do as individuals, too. And don’t get to thinking that this is a chore — it’s not. It can be fun, for all the family! It’s all about attitude. Below, we take a look at four ways you can work towards becoming a family of bona fide eco-warriors.




Change Your Diet

Some people think it’s their car journeys or whatever that has the biggest effect on the planet, but this is not the case — in most cases, it’s their diet. If you eat beef, then you’ll be undoing most of the good work you do elsewhere when it comes to your carbon footprint — the water needed to make one hamburger, for example, is equivalent to one month’s worth of showers. To reduce your family’s impact on the planet, look at reducing your meat intake. Even cooking vegan meals twice a week will make a difference (plus, they can be delicious…).


Plastic Free

We’re beginning to understand more and more just how much of an impact plastic has on the planet. A lot of it ends up in the oceans, where it disrupts marine life (or ends up in the stomach of a whale). There’s been a big push to make companies use less plastic in their packaging, but individuals need to take responsibility, too. So take a look at reducing your family’s plastic usage. Invest in some beeswax products, for example, and you’ll have reusable containers to pack your child’s school lunches in. You can also keep plastic out of the ocean by buying reusable shopping bags — no more plastic bags is good news for the planet!


In the Yard

The idea of starting your own vegetable garden might sound daunting, but it shouldn’t. It’s easy enough to do, and can be great fun, especially if you get the whole family involved. Look at allocating a small section of your outdoor space for growing vegetables, and get to work. Aside from getting you outdoors more, you’ll also find that it’s much more enjoyable to eat a vegetable that you’ve grown yourself, rather than one that you bought in the supermarket.


Helping Out

Want to take things even further? Then take a look at getting involved in local environmental movements. It doesn’t have to be anything too committal or complicated — just picking up trash is a good start. Aside from doing your bit for the environment, you’ll also be setting a good example in the community, bonding with your family, and teaching your children the value of hard work. It’s a win-win situation that everyone might end up enjoying!

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