4 Easy Ways to Feel Less Stressed at Home

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Spring has sprung so it’s time to once again break the cycle of winter blues and no longer feel the need to seclude ourselves from cold weather outdoors. However, sometimes the bloom of nature and chirping of birds isn’t enough to shake off all that winter season stress. The good news is that there are 4 easy ways to help you start feeling less stressed at home, so each day is one to enjoy!

1. Pick Up a New Hobby

With consideration of current times, there is no time like the present to pick up a new hobby to do from the comfort of home. A homebound hobby is a great way to take a mental break without having to go anywhere or, in some cases, spend money we’d rather be saving. The perfect stress-relieving hobby to pick up at any age is knitting, which can bring so many benefits to daily life, such as:

  • Reducing anxiety and releasing stress

  • Build self-esteem by challenging yourself to achieve something new

  • Improve memory by working out your brain

Not to mention that knitting is an extremely cost-friendly hobby. There’s no need to leave home for supplies either because you can find discounted premium yarn and anything else you need easily online to be delivered right to your door.

2. Let in Natural Light

As we spend more and more time at home it is so important to do every little thing that we can to help create a stress-free living environment. Probably one of the easiest but most overlooked ways to help feel less stressed at home is to maximize natural lighting. It’s time to open all those curtains and let the sunlight in so you can start enjoying the benefits natural light has to offer, such as:

  • Boosting alertness and increasing energy

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Increasing focus and feelings of happiness

Just make sure to give those windows a good cleaning so the light can really shine in!

3. Take a Break from Technology

Scrolling endlessly through social media or binge-watching show after show can help pass time, but it certainly doesn’t help benefit our well-being. Whether it’s 30-minutes or an hour each day, help lower stress by turning off all your technology at home. That means turning off your phone, computer, laptop, television or whatever piece of technology you have. Instead, try a health-benefiting activity, such as:

  • Daily gratitude journaling

  • Practice deep breathing

  • Try beginner’s yoga or stretching

Try a healthy activity for yourself and see how quickly you feel the stress melting away.

4. Clear Away Clutter and Mess

A messy house is a recipe for stress. After all, how can anyone relax when dishes are piled next to the sink or junk is laying all over the floor. Take some time and do a deep clean around the home to really open your space and let your mind breathe again. Now, hopefully, everyone can agree there are ways to make feeling less stressed at home easy as a spring breeze.

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