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30 Things To Do Inside This Winter

Winter is made for cosying up. It’s filled with snuggly scarves, warm drinks, and heart-warming movies. But the worst part of this season is how cold it gets. Depending on where you live, it can get quite cold. So cold that you can’t go out and enjoy outdoor winter activities, like skating or sledding. For those of us stuck inside, it’s important to find activities to do inside.

There are so many fun indoorsy winter activities ideas for when you are stuck inside at home, I have made a list to get you started. These are perfect for rainy days or for when winter cabin fever strikes. 

1. Cook something new – Find a new recipe you have been meaning to try, like this beef stew recipe 

2. Have a house party with your family – Kids are feeling a little down because the weather is crappy? Crank up the tunes and have a dance party! 

3. Make a blanket fort – Seriously, who doesn’t like to build blanket forts?! 

4. Make homemade hot chocolate and cookies – There’s nothing better than sipping homemade hot chocolate and eating fresh baked cookies.

5. Video Dating – Feeling down and lonely? Why not try Video Dating. 

6. Read a book – Try reading a new book every week

7. Watch all the movies you missed – Time to watch some of those movies you put on your “to watch list” that you never got around to watching.

8. Paint or Draw – bring out your old adult colouring book and pens, or canvas and paints and get creative! 

9. Host a board game night – Everyone loves board games! You can even host one virtually!

10. Start knitting/sewing /crocheting – Learn to knit and make yourself a scarf or mitts that you will be proud to wear out when the weather is a little better

11. Build a puzzle – There are so many different types of puzzles out there you are sure to find one you like

12. Plan a trip for after winter break or next year – You are sure to find better deals on trips and vacations in the cold winter months than when it’s hot out. 

13. Give yourself a challenge that lasts the month/1-month challenge – There are so many ideas for 1 months challenges, you will definitely find one that is right for you!

14. Learn to make a paper crane/ origami – This is super fun to learn

15. Clean up/ Rearrange a room in your house – A change of scenery can improve your mood during the colder months.

16. Take an online cooking class – Even if you are a great cook, it’s always fun to take a cooking class

17. Learn a new language – Get the Duolingo app on your phone or tablet and learn a new language

18. Learn to play an instrument – Always wanted to play the guitar? Now’s your chance to dust off that old guitar from your closet and find instructional videos on YouTube! 

19. Learn something new about a culture other than yours – Learning about different cultures teaches you that there is more than one way of thinking and no one way is better than the other.

20. Have people over for dinner /host wing night! – There’s no better pick me up than spending time with people that matter to you. Invite a few friends over and host a dinner.

21. Make Christmas cookies with your family – The smell of fresh-baked cookies will sure lift everyone up

22. Go to the art museum/ science museum/ zoo etc – Many facilities now have virtual tours where you can view from the comfort of your home!

23. Buy new makeup and play dress up with it – It doesn’t have to be expensive makeup, the cheap ones from the dollar store or drug store works just as well. 

24. Start scrap-booking – Time to take out your old scrapbooking supplies and get back into it! 

25. Learn to code – There are so many helpful websites out there that teach code

26. Indoor camping – Take out the tent set it up in the living room. Add some string lights on your ceiling and turn your living room into the great outdoors!

27. Listen to new podcasts – Love true crime? There are a plethora of podcasts out there for fans of true crime

28. Start a blog – Start a personal blog. You can use it as a diary, or write down what’s on your mind. 

29.  Get a new pet – This isn’t for everyone, but a new pet is sure to keep you busy

30. Make a time capsule – Gather things you find important in your life currently and create a time capsule. Whether you bury it in the yard in springtime, or use a lockbox and add a future date to open it. 


That should keep you busy for this winter! If not, then I don’t know what will!

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