3 Ways That You Can Make Your Parents’ Lives Easier

You love your parents, and you want them to be happy. That’s why you’re always willing to go the extra mile to make things a little easier for them. If you think they’re having a rough time right now, here are three solutions that you could try out.

1. Get Them Gadgets to Help with Chores

Household chores can be exhausting. You hate to picture your parents hunched over the sink and scrubbing a mountain of dirty dishes or lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. To take away some of the stress of everyday chores, you should get them some useful tech. The right gadgets can minimize the effort it takes to tidy up the house.

Here are electronics that you could get for your parents:

 A powerful dishwasher that can hold large pots and pans.
 A washing machine with smart dispensing features. This feature means that your parents can empty the tub of detergent into the reservoir, and then the machine will automatically dispense the right amount with every wash. 
 A lightweight robotic vacuum that moves around the floor all by itself. You can find robotic mops and carpet cleaners that do the same.
 A handheld electronic scrubber that can help with washing counters, windows and other surfaces. This will be useful for anyone that lives with rheumatoid arthritis or joint problems. 
 If they have a cat, get them a self-cleaning litter box and automatic pet feeder.

2. Suggest a Senior Community

If you don’t think that gadgets will be enough to take the stress of maintaining a household off of your parents’ shoulders, then you should suggest that they move into a senior community. Luxury senior homes like All Seniors Care Living Centres have lots of services that could make their lives easier, like dining services, laundry services and housekeeping services. They wouldn’t have to worry about cooking and tidying every single day. 

These senior homes also have care options for residents that need specialized aid and attention. So, if your parents have any physical ailments or memory issues, they could sign up for assisted living, full-time care or memory care services. Having professional carers nearby could definitely make life a little easier. 

3. Share Tech Solutions for Socializing

It’s normal to have parents that aren’t tech whizzes. You’ve spent many hours playing their IT person whenever something goes wrong with their phone or their printer. It’s time for you to jump into that role one more time so that you can keep your parents occupied while social distancing. 

For instance, family reunions may not be possible for the next few months. So, teach your parents how to use video chat applications on their phone or computer. That way, you can catch up with virtual get-togethers.

These are some options that they might appreciate:

 They can host a movie night using apps like Netflix Party and Kast.
 They can host a virtual game night with a long list of online party games. 
 They can host a virtual book club. They can buy the ebooks/audiobooks online and then set up a meeting through a video chat.
 They can use social media apps to look at shared videos, photos and updates from friends and family.

Why is this so important? A lot of seniors feel depressed and isolated right now because of COVID-19 safety measures. If your parents are missing out on their social circle, introduce them to these online solutions. 

Your parents have helped you throughout most of your life. Why not take some time to return the favour?

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