3 Passive Income to Consider For Extra Pocket Money

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Who wouldn’t want more money? Now, who wouldn’t want more money without having to spend eight hours in front of a desk and attend drab, dull, or tedious staff meetings. It sounds like it’s too good to be true, but it’s far from it. Passive income streams are their future, especially if you’re looking for some pocket money to save up for something unique. 


But what passive income ideas are available? There are plenty, but some are more convenient, or more lucrative than others, while some will require some exceptional talent. To give you a decent idea, here are the most popular options. 


Affiliate Initiatives


If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, but never considered the possibility of monetizing it, now is the time to change your tune about that. Working with affiliate marketing initiatives that work on a pay-per-click basis can help generate a small amount of income every time someone follows a recommended link from your blog. 


These programs are free to sign up to, and all you need to do is create the content. Once you have done this, add a link and publish it. From here, you can watch the digits in your bank account tick up. While it may not make a significant difference at first, this will add up as time goes on, especially if your blog becomes widely read.


Become a Virtual Assistant


Many businesses need help running their blogs and/or social media pages, this is where a virtual assistant comes in. a virtual assistant will help with creating content, scheduling posts, link building, SEO, and more! There is always a need for this sort of work, which, in turn, means a steady income.



Rent a Property


Property rental is always a significant revenue stream that can help you to pay off your mortgage or save for substantial home improvement projects. You can look at condos for sale and find an ideal spot for you, especially if you’re looking to rent for people traveling. 


By renting this property, you can get a steady stream of income every time someone stays there or find a consistent tenant who looks after earth property for you. Other than the occasional visit to check up on things, you can let the money come in, which can go towards paying the property off, and once that’s finished, you can focus on putting money aside for your future.


Sell Your Creations


Platforms such as Etsy or Instagram are a fantastic place for budding artists and creators to sell their work and bring in some money to help fund a lifestyle or help them plan for the future. 


However, it’s not as easy as merely starting an online store. You’ve got to make sure you market yourself correctly. This may come with a minor investment, but once you begin to see interest, you’ll find that the investment is worth it. 


As long as you make enough money to pay for supplies so you can continue to create, you can save a percentage of every sale that you can then use for funding adventures, home repairs, or your children’s college funds. 




Saving Up For Something Special


Everyone has always said that you need to work hard to make money, but with such a wide range of income opportunities that often don’t require too much effort on your part, you can enjoy a more financially comfortable life, while also having the chance to do and see whatever you want. 

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