2 Key Things To Check Before Buying Property

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Buying a house is a significant move in life. It is never easy to complete the purchase of a home successfully.

When negotiating through the rigorous buying process, there are specific aspects you should look at to determine the real value of the property. If the home is missing any of these vital components, its market resale value reduces drastically.

Here are some of the things you should always check before buying property to ensure you get the best deal.

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and it is where the magic of creating great food happens. If you have family, guests who come over to visit always want to see how you arrange your kitchen.

Holding such prominence, it is a place that needs to be of the highest quality. Check the pattern of the countertops, sink, and storage of the kitchen. If the drainage system leads to a septic tank, this means you should be ready to source for septic tank pumping regularly.

When safety is a priority for you, you should ensure there are the essential components to help prevent water damage and other threats in your kitchen.

If you want to critically assess whether the seller did their house maintenance homework, look for the following upgrades in the kitchen:


Lights are the cheapest way to improve the look and feel of your kitchen. With proper lighting, it is easy to work around this area.

  • The lights should at least have:

  • Pendants over the Peninsula

  • Sconce gooseneck at the sink

  • Tiny lights under the cabinets

Ensure that the kitchen has correct lighting that will facilitate faster and easier functioning.


Although cabinets are essential as they play host to various kitchenware, modern kitchens prefer open wall layouts. If the house has clear shelving in stack display, this is a good sign as it shows the owner did modern upgrades in the kitchen.


While the location is an obvious thing, most buyers tend to ignore this rule of buying a house and paying the price. Perhaps you never consider the access to your kid’s school or the security of the region.

In any case, not carefully thinking about the location of your new house may have serious repercussions. Ensure that the home you’re looking to purchase is central and easily accessible from work, school, or even church.

Know the kind of people that live within the neighborhood and determine if this is the right company for you or your family. At the very least, ensure it is in a safe area where no security concerns are prone.

Some of the factors you need to consider for the ideal location include:

Population Growth

If you want a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, check on the growth rate of an area or the potential it holds and you’ll quickly know where to settle.

Public Transport

If you often commute to and from work, you should ideally go for a place closer to public transportation.

Final Thoughts

It is always disappointing to buy a house that doesn’t meet your specifications. When you end up in a place you don’t like, you rarely spend time there, and it pains considering the investment you made.

Before committing to buying any property, use the two tips above to find the best place for you.

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