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Santa Sacks Canada

  If you celebrate Christmas, then you can probably relate;  It’s Christmas morning and you’re around the tree with your siblings, when your parents tell you that you can each choose one to start, and open them each at the same time (or staggard) either way, there’s a whole herd of children rushing the tree, throwing presents left and right trying to search for one with their name on it….


Cookie It Up!

I’m not sure about you, but I’m a huge fan of cookies.  Except, not those store bought cardboard-tasting cookies.  Those aren’t welcome in my house at all.   I like homemade cookies.   Except, there is one problem.  I can’t bake.   Cookie It Up! offered to send me some of their boxed cookies to test.  I had never heard of the company before but I did know that these…


Enjoy Smooth Legs with Schick Intuition Razors #SchickAmbassador

When it comes to women’s razors, there are so many brands out there that it’s hard to figure out which brand is worth it. Once you pick a brand, then you have the daunting task of choosing a kind.    I have tried almost every razor that’s on the market, and most of them are crap not worth a single red cent. I even would purchase the cheapest disposable razors I could…


School-Safe Wowbutter + Recipe

I was a little worried about what to put in Jayden’s school lunches as he is a very picky eater and loves his peanut butter sandwiches. He refuses to eat most things you put on sandwiches, and I knew that anything peanut is not allowed at school. So, I went on the hunt for some school-safe alternatives. We have tried a few different brands of soy spreads, and almost all…

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I love subscription boxes. Especially for my pets, because I know they’ll like everything inside the box.  Between 2 dogs, two cats and a rabbit; someone is bound to eat or play with a product.   Pet toys and snacks are expensive;  I can’t leave a pet store without dropping at least $100.00 on stuff for my crew.  PetPack starts at $19.99 for both cats and dogs, and you get…


19 Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Do your spidey-senses tell you that something is going on in your uterus? Below is a list of early pregnancy signs, common in the first month.  If you think you’re pregnant, contact your doctor or midwife!  Tender breasts Your breasts may be tender as early as ten days after conception.  You’re making extra hormones during pregnancy that the glands in your breasts start to grow.  They’ll retain more fluids and…


Zutano – Baby and Toddler Clothing

I must be honest here; I don’t put clothes on my baby during the summer except for when we go out somewhere.  It’s hot, sticky and he sweats so much! When we do go out, I tend to dress him in clothing that is thin, breathable and will not make him overheat. With so many clothing companies out there, it’s hard to choose what to purchase for our little ones…

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16 Facts About Pit Bulls That Nobody Believes

I love me a good pit bull, it’s true.   But no one believes me when I say Roxy is the biggest baby ever.  They see this vicious mean dog, whereas I see the kindest and most soft-hearted dog I have ever met.   Here are 12 facts about pit bulls that nobody believes : Pit bulls were often seen on farms “back in the day”.  The terrier in them…


Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

     The school year has barely begun, and you may already be wracking your brains trying to come up with ideas to send in your child’s lunch. If only you could pack them a peanut butter sandwich and an apple everyday and send them on their way. With all the severe allergies that exist and the extreme pickiness of children, it can be very difficult to pack your child a variety…

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Things NOT to Say to Big Families

If you’re an avid follower of the blog, you know I have four children, and would love to have more. I have always loved big families, and I honestly don’t consider us as a “big” family.  What do you find is a big family? Most people I know think a big family is 3+ children.    I have compiled a list of the most frequent (and annoying) things people say to…