Canadian Mom Reviews – Our Mission & Our Goals

What is Canadian Mom Reviews? What is our Mission? Our goals for the blog? Why?  We at Canadian Mom Reviews know the difficulties of buying items for your children, or families in general, without knowing any background information on the product.  Would you buy a car seat for your infant on a whim? Probably not.  We strive to give you honest and informational reviews and articles to help inform you….


Welcome to Canada, Persil!

Ask anyone who has ever been to a country that has Persil ; it’s the best thing since Furbies… and those were pretty awesome.   Do you separate your laundry? Darks, Colors and Whites?  Well, I don’t.  I have realized lately that my whites are a nice shade of ghetto-grey.  You know, the kind of grey that makes you look dirty and disheveled.   I dumped an expensive amount of…


7 Apps Every Woman Should Have

I have an addiction to trying new apps on my phone.   It’s true,  I love downloading them, trying them out, then deciding whether or not they make the cut and get a permanent spot in one of my folders.    I’d like to share with you all these apps that have not only made it into one of my folders, but are a part of my daily life.  …


Cascade Ice – Zero Calorie Sparkling Water + Recipe!

I watched a documentary a few days ago, and it was saying that sugar is the leading cause of obesity in Children.  That it’s such an epidemic, no matter how much they are active playing, they’ll continue to be obese (and get more obese) because just consume such a great amount of sugar.   Alternatives ;  you have water.  That’s it.    When Cascade Ice asked me to show you their…


Every Man Jack – Hippie Guy Stuff

I say Hippie in the most loving, appreciative way.  Serious.   A company that has only naturally derived ingredients, no parabens, no phthalates, no dyes, no sodium lauryl sulfate, and is never tested on animals, has a nice place in my heart.   Lets start this off with a story, shall we?  I did some research last year on the effects of propellants in aerosol cans and completely banished them from…


Copycat Second Cup Italian Soda Recipe

One of my favorite parts of going to the mall is stopping at Second Cup for an Italian Soda.   It’s the perfect summer day drink. It’s refreshing, yet not too sweet like most sodas are.   You can find the Torani syrups (the same Second Cup uses!) on – they have many flavors, so choose your favorite and make some Italian Soda.  You just have to start off…


BeachBody with Suzanne

There are dozens of weight loss companies (direct sales) out there, and the only one I have ever seen true, healthy results from is BeachBody.   A lot of the other companies suggest capsules and supplements, but no work out.  It’s a get thin quick scheme that never works.  Then you have Beachbody.  They have their own work out plans that make it fun to be active.  Dancing in front…


10 Ways To Gain Confidence

You know I love me some list posts.   Well here’s a useful one!   So many women have a hard time with confidence and self-esteem, and I think it’s time to put some tips out there to make everyone love the skin they’re in!  Here are a few ways to gain confidence.  Get dressed.  Every. Single. Day.   Even if you’re a stay at home Mom, or a college…


Brandy’s Bucket List

I am LOVING these lifestyle posts lately,  how about you? I set up a bucket list a few years ago on my Pinterest, and thought of how awesome it would be to share with you all.  Please feel free to share items from  your bucket list below, especially the items you’ve already crossed off!  I have never owned a DSLR camera, but would love to! Definitely an item to cross…


32 Facts About The Writers Behind CMR

Melissa and I (Brandy) would love to share a little bit about ourselves with you, our readers.   Some of you may know us outside of the blog, but maybe you don’t know these tidbits of information about us!      Melissa :  I have 2 tattoos, but want many more I was born in 1986 I love old school Nintendo games I can count the number of real friends…